We are team, we team up

We take care of the execution of interior renovation works in Barcelona, providing agile and creative solutions to singular projects.

Our profession has no secrets, just dedication and that’s it: profession.

The works represent a large number of people with different interests and priorities that need to be coordinated and organized in an environment of trust. This is the key to teamwork.

At BeGlobal you will always find a positive attitude and willingness to face challenges. A unique character, predisposed to collaborate. We provide that little bit more, with customized solutions for singular projects.

It matters what we do and it matters how we do it

We are an honest and committed company. For this reason, you are not only going to hire your works, the pack includes a know-how that never stops growing and solid values that underpin all our decision-making: Optimism, Confidence, Courage, Proactivity and Illusion.

If you share this passion with us, we want you on the team.


We are team, we team up

Perhaps it may seem to you that our actions have little impact, but the reality is that we can all do our bit to improve our environment significantly. In 2015, a series of sustainable development objectives were scheduled, coordinated by the United Nations.

The BeGlobal concept was born in 2020 to provide a concrete response to these objectives from our humble position as a construction company based in Barcelona. Today, we have adopted that concept in our main trade name.

The 4 BeGlobal commitment pillars are: BeSmart, BeHealthy, BeSocial and BeCreative. Join our team and get tangible additional value for free.


We rely on information, innovation and technology to offer solutions focused on improving the quality of life of our clients and to select suppliers in line with our values. Count with us to give a plus to your project.


The most important value for BeGlobal is people and their well-being. We believe that taking care of people is the formula for offering a sustainable company over time.

Our attitude towards our projects is the search for excellence, so the commitment of our team is essential. We congratulate ourselves on our successes and encourage ourselves when things don’t go as planned. No mistakes, no improvement. No improvement, no excellence.


In the interior spaces we have several levers with which we can influence the well-being of people with the creation of healthy spaces: the distribution of spaces, the proportions, the materials, the light, the colors.

Without changing key aspects of your project, we can help you integrate solutions that positively influence people’s biology.


Creativity must arise from an important technical foundation that guarantees reliability and solvency. At BeGlobal we do not limit creativity to aesthetic solutions or attractive results, we are passionate about being creative in fields as essential as communication, team organization.

We are beGlobal

Carles Rodríguez

Director CEO

Gisela Farré

Director CEO

Àlex Dominguez

Director CEO

Manel Andreu

Director CEO

Meritxell Gilaberte

Director CEO

Marta Pérez

Director CEO

Andrea Solanilla

Director CEO

Juan Camilo

Director CEO

Behind a successful project are people and teamwork.

Behind a successful project are people and teamwork.