We are team, we team up

Boost your projects and choose the best builder in Barcelona

BeGlobal is the construction company specialized in the execution of interior reforms for architects, interior designers and designers who want to have a fully trustworthy construction team that is up to the task of their projects to guarantee the best results for their clients.

Your high performance partners

We accompany, organize, inspire and carry out interior reform works designed by interior designers and architects who want to have a team of full confidence to guarantee the best results for their clients.

Time is gold

Time is precious to everyone. We offer you expert planning, agile decision-making capacity and methodology, to make it easy and not waste time on endless site visits.

We are team, we team up

Let’s team up! Our part of the deal? We provide you with agile solutions, we adapt to your project, we comply with the construction times, we help you make decisions and we save you time on the construction site.

Ingredients: Knowledge + Attitude

Positive attitude and willingness to do things well. A unique character, predisposed to collaborate and offer creative solutions to make singular projects come true.

Our mission: to be a reference

Our profession has no secrets, only dedication and that: profession. We get involved in projects as if they were our own and we fulfill our commitments.

We embrace challenges

At BeGlobal you will find a team that loves challenges, that we get involved and give our all, that we play as a team and that have a high sense of responsibility.

We help you to make decisions

Earn time for yourself. Site visits organized

Updated information about our on-site works

Flexible and agile solutions for singular projects

We comply with the agreed times for the works

More than 15 years of professional experience

Take control of your project

Would you leave your project to any company?

Do not leave to chance the choice of the construction team that executes your project. A large group of architecture firms already trust us. There must be a reason.



Architects, interior designers and designers: You rack your brains to create something unique, something with intention, beautiful, remarkable and that meets the requirements of your final client.

Who do I recommend to make me look good and not have me suffer all day at the construction site? Ask someone we have in common for us, they will give you feedback and give you direct contact with Gisela or Carles.


A change is needed in this office. Who takes care of that? What if we told you that at beGlobal you would find the best technical teams in Barcelona to drive an obvious improvement for you and your people through the spaces?

Hello Office Manager! If it was your turn to look for a provider, make it easy for yourself and send us an email.

Final client

Does this apartment have possibilities? You tell us what you want and we give you options to make it happen. It’s that easy.

If you have come this far, you will know our trajectory, who our customers are and why they count frequently. We are surrounded by a circle of people of whom we feel very proud and we will be delighted to introduce them to you.


Deadlines are tight for the opening? Shortcuts are not good on a playing field so marked by the technical committees of shopping centers, working hours, unique designs and record times.

We are not the biggest in retail, much less do we pretend to be. Customers who entrust their stores to us know that in us they find the knowledge, dedication and effort to achieve their objectives 100% reliably.